Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Harrison Haynes LRLL RLRR, 2011

The process of creating and consuming art often gravitates towards neatly defined roles for those making work and their audience. Each decision and action, directly made by the artist, is intended for a work that lives on in a presumed immortal stasis. How does this contract change when the role of the audience is altered? Would the audience still enjoy their passive role after they are activated to join in the production process?
 How does a work change when it relies on the performance of an ever-changing cast? Non-static in nature, each work presented in this feature by Roland Tiangco,Clement Valla, Harrison Haynes, and Caleb Larsen relies upon a state that exists between inception and fulfillment. Methods and intentions differ but the realization of each piece requires the release of work into a space no longer controlled by its creator.